Silesia Alliance Equity Cluster (SEAC)

What is Silesia Equity Alliance Cluster (SEAC)?

Silesia Equity Alliance Cluster has been created by a group of small and medium entrepreneurs. Each of them provides services for business, each of a different kind and scope. But all the services they provide altogether are complex to each other and as a whole they can secure a very complex consultancy service.

Companies associated in a Cluster cooperate very closely with each other while providing services to external clients and support mutually. Thanks to that they can together do things they would not be able if working separately. Within SEAC they are constantly working on new services, verifying them through experiments and above all sharing with the risk.

Who can become a member of Silesia Equity Alliance Cluster?

Any small or medium company providing services for business can become a member of our cluster. If you are providing services in any field covered already by one of founding members, don’t worry. If yes, you are even more welcome among cluster’s members. Thanks to you we will be stronger in that field of expertise, we will be able to prove more experience, more references and broader team of specialists. What about internal competition? We believe it’s a necessary for high quality and competitiveness of our common offer.

What are beginnings of SEAC?

Who are SEAC founding members?