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An International Business Department is a part of Consulting Department within Business Consulting Sp. z o. o. It was created as an answer to increasing needs and expectations of foreign clients of our Company.

Our mission is international business development for either foreign companies entering Polish market or Polish entrepreneurs considering expansion on foreign markets.

Our expertise is built by the team of experienced and highly skilled specialists as well as the group of closely cooperating companies being members of Silesia Equity Alliance Cluster. Together we offer a very wide range of services providing complex support for companies developing their operations in Poland.


We strongly believe that the trust of our clients and the successes that we achieve together are possible only due to running business always in line with a few essential values:

  1. Pursuit of excellence

    We never content ourselves with the quality of our services and standards of customer service. We improve them constantly. We follow the market situation and listen carefully to our clients’ needs and expectations in order to provide always the best solutions.

  2. Fairness

    We always employ the highest ethical standards in any activity undertaken as Business Consulting Sp. z o. o. We analyse the best available practices and bring into life solutions ensuring the total transparency while doing business.

  3. Responsibility

    We cope with all the obligations taken to our partners and clients in a very responsible manner. We treat their comments and opinions very seriously. All the services that we offer are provided by the best available specialists. We always seek to give more than we promised to do.

  4. Loyalty

    A loyalty towards our clients and partners is something indisputable for us. It’s crucial to ensure the comfort and trust in business cooperation for both sides.

  5. Community involvement

    While running our business we do not only focus on operational issues. We do not lose interest in problems and challenges that local communities face. We engage in social activities and events, co-create economic self-government and our employees are active in numerous non-government organisations.


International Business Department is a part of Consulting Department having competences and rich experience in introducing new products and companies into markets, obtaining resources needed to finance those processes, as well as in transaction and strategic advisory.

The company operates since 1988 and originates from the milieu of the University of Economics in Katowice. In its portfolio it has over 1200 projects, including 200 privatisations for the Ministry of Treasury.




For all the Polish companies interested in making contacts and developing relations with foreign partners, for foreign companies interested in entering Polish market and for all companies interested in exploring new markets and developing their businesses, we regularly check all the reliable information services and collect all the information that might be interesting from the business point of view.